Granite is the most popular natural stone solution for kitchen worktops.

For years, Granite natural stone worktops have been a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve the look and feel of their kitchen. Granite natural stone worktops are one of the most popular additions to any remodelling project – the uniqueness of the stone enables you to have an individual worktop that won’t exist anywhere else. 

Every Granite slab is unique, featuring its lines, colours and patterns. Perfect for use in any kitchen environment, especially where style, performance and durability are significant. With a vast array of shades to work with, you’ll find one that combines flawlessly with your design.

Due to its impressive strength, Granite is commonly known for its durability to wear and tears. Only another piece of Granite or a diamond is tough enough to scratch this natural material.

There are many benefits you will receive from installing Granite in your home or commercial property:

100% natural, durable material
Heat, scratch and stain resistance
A range of colours and styles available
Low maintenance and anti-bacterial properties
No two granite countertops are the same, unique by nature
A polished or honed surface

Polished – Brings out the brilliant colours and shine from the stone’s natural crystals

Honed – Polished stone is buffed to create a flat, low-sheen surface